°Here’s the full text of James Joyce “Ulysses”, last chapter “Penelope”, see link in booklet of:
CD Project Sarah Maria Sun & Vanessa Porter
James Joyce “Ulysses”, last chapter “Penelope”
slowly spoken passages marked in pink
James Joyce_Ulysses_full version_chapter 18_englisch original_with markings

°Here’s a list of books, websites and articles I like, which share data and knowledge about human progress. Reading stuff based on facts and science. 
The Good News – Bücher_Books_Websites_Articles

°Here’s a text I wrote for composers about basic singing technique, Stimmfächer and some so called “Extended Techniques” (this last part might be interesting for singers as well):
“The effect of given ranges on the voice
(using a light lyric coloratura as an example)
and a short explanation of eight extended vocal techniques”

download this text by Sarah Maria Sun here (pdf)