children’s book


written and illustrated by Sarah Maria Sun

Heini grows up in Littleboogertown, where all people are nuts for pickles, always in a super grumpy mood and always afraid of everything. And they know who’s to blame for their grumpiness and their fear: those neighbors from Greaterboogertown!

One day, Heini meets Leopold, a Greaterboogertowner. They become friends, and together they defy all the meanies around them with their courage and their fantasy, They go on a magic journey, and Heiniman and Superpoldie, with a little giant’s help, outwit all the Boggertownees.

A picture book to laugh and to think about prejudices and exclusion. Told through a metaphor of pickles, strawberrycakes and Gina Giant, who magically sees them all clearly through her Superglasses.